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You-Tack Lite/Pro

THE RACING SAILOR’S GUIDE - The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing with Quizzes, Illustrations, Definitions, and Signal Flags. (Edited by racing sailors, and an International Umpire and Judge.)


You-Tack! is the ONLY iPhone app to offer the official ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing with: Illustrations, Rules, Rules Comments, 3D Animated Quizzes (with an answer review Scoreboard), all the Racing Signals with detailed descriptions, the Official ISAF Definitions with Illustrations, and Other Sailing Terms.


It’s easy to use, with cross-links between the rules and definitions. Test your knowledge in various Call Book real Quiz situations, track the rules you’re unsure of, and keep them in your Favorites folder, so you can quickly brush up before the next race, or when it’s over, on the club porch, or if you’re “In the Room”.

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