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TheAnalyst Real Estate

TheAnalyst™ was developed by Blyncc LLC, where Henry T. Kirk was the sole developer and is also a former partner.


TheAnalyst™ is a powerful suite of real estate analysis tools designed for all commercial and investment real estate practitioners.
TheAnalyst™ includes the following tools:
✔ Time Value of Money Calculator
✔ IRR / NPV Calculator
✔ Mortgage Calculator **
✔ Mortgage Amortization Summary or Schedule Report **
✔ Loan Amount Analysis Report **
✔ Investment Analysis Report (5 Year w/ Financial Indicators) **
✔ Lease vs. Own Analysis Report
✔ Environmental Risk Summary Report (USA Properties)
✔ Property Measuring Tool
You can export PDF Reports via:
✔ Upload to Dropbox Account (www.dropbox.com)
✔ Email as an attachment
✔ Print via Apple AirPrint


Technologies used on this project include: MapKit, StoreKit (In-App Purchase), JSON Webservices, Amazon AWS Backend, Security Frameworks, Google Analytics, Dropbox API, AirPrint, & several others.

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